History of the Presland Family

Writings by The Reverand Claud Herbert Presland

The Reverand Claud Herbert Presland (21 May 1918 - 26 May 2002), often referred to as "CHP", married Margaret on 12 August 1941. Margaret was born Margaret Newall (11 April 1913 - 26 May 2010).

Claud and Margaret had 3 children: Judith, Elisabeth and John.

CHP was a minister of The New Church. During 1984 and 1985, he sat at his typewriter in his study and wrote "The story of a family which made contact with the New Church probably in 1790 and which ever since has stayed close to the centre of the Church and of the Swedenborg Society - and of the many other families into which it has married and which, in most cases, remain known in the Church."

Like many families, the Presland family is large. CHP wrote the history of his ancestors back to the late 1700s in 3 chapters, each completed (just) in time to be given as a birthday gift to John, Elisabeth and Judith in turn. Each chapter is a treasure in its own right.

The original manuscripts can also be viewed by clicking here.

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Picture of Rev Claud H Presland

Rev C H Presland ("CHP")

This photo was taken in 2001 at a family wedding.